Bringing Melbourne’s Iconic Hotel to the market.

Hotel Lindrum Campaign Triumphs with 3 REIV Commercial and Industrial Marketing Awards!

We are elated to share that in 2022, we clinched three prestigious awards at the Real Estate Institute of Victoria’s (REIV) Commercial and Industrial Marketing Awards.

Our contributions to JLL’s Hotel Lindrum campaign were celebrated in the following categories:


1. Best Sales Campaign – Specialized Property

2. Best Sales Campaign – Development Site (Budget exceeding $20,000)

3. Best Campaign – Large Agency


“These awards symbolize our dedication to pushing boundaries, taking creativity to new heights, and achieving outstanding results for our clients. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the REIV and all those who have supported our endeavours and JLL Capital Markets for the honour of allowing us to bring this campaign to life.”


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The Lindrum Hotel, formerly the hub for Griffiths Brothers Tea and Coffee merchants, stands as a living testament to Melbourne’s storied past. Over the years, this captivating property has worn various hats, and today, it is an operating hotel. However, the real excitement lies in the future, where we anticipated an astute buyer will leave their mark on Melbourne’s ever-evolving skyline. The Lindrum bridges the gap between eras, embodying the city’s rich heritage.


Now that we’ve acquainted ourselves with the charming Lindrum, let’s delve into our marketing strategy. To put it modestly, we did a pretty remarkable job. So, how did we manage this? While we can’t spill all our secrets, here are the basics.

We began with the unique character of Lindrum’s exterior as our canvas for the visual design, seamlessly integrating the colours of the architect’s render to infuse a glimpse of the future. Our focus was cantered on upholding an air of luxury, simplicity, and elegance through concept design stage. However, the real showstopper is undoubtedly the rooftop signage – it’s bold, unforgettable, and quintessentially Lindrum. Without a doubt, it was the clear standout choice.

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The Lindrum video project was one of the most anticipated among our ventures that year. What set it apart from the rest was the sheer talent of architect Simon Swaney from Bates Smart, who has a deep connection with Lindrum over the years. A compelling script, a well-structured narrative, a carefully planned shot list, and an unwavering passion were the essential ingredients that brought this video to life.

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